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278. Tummies

Louis: You two were having a lazy day at home and you were just putting away laundry when you noticed Louis staring at his stomach in the mirror. You frowned and crossed his arms knowingly. Louis has always had a small insecurity about his tummy. With the rest of the boys being thin and having muscular abdominal, Louis always felt a bit insecure and odd. You walked over to him and tugged his shirt down before placing a hand over his stomach. "Don't-" He cut you off. "Maybe I should just go to the gym with Liam." He stated. You shook your head and used your other hand to make his face, face yours. "Louis, you're perfect just the way you are." You started. "But-" He started. "No buts! Dammit Louis, I love you just the way you are. You don't need to change a thing!" You pouted. He shook his head. "Y/N..." He started. You pulled him closer to you and stroked his arm."Lou, you know what?" He made a 'hmm' sound as you nuzzled your face into his neck. "Your tummy is my favorite part of your body." He chuckled and lifted your chin. "Is that so?" he asked. You nodded and he smiled. "Good."
Liam: You laid in bed flipping through the channels as Liam showered. You played with the hem of the T-shirt you were wearing that was previously Liam's. The water stopped an minutes later, Liam strolled out, only in a pair of gray joggers. He shuffled himself under the covers and laid his head on your stomach. You giggled as his hair tickled the bare skin on your stomach. He looked up to you and smile. "Y/N?" He said as your eyes stared at the flat screen that played a re run of friends. "Hmm?" You replied. Liam shifted his body and his hands started to trace patterns on your stomach. "I love your tummy." He stated. You smiled and looked over at him. "Really?" You giggled. He nodded and sat up as if he was going to start talking about something really exciting. "It's warm and very soft. It makes the perfect pillow. It might be better than my own." He replied continuing to play with your stomach. "Well my organs are happy to be your pillow." You told him. He laughed. "Good." He nodded. He placed his head back on your stomach and sighed contently. "Perfect."
Niall: You and Niall sat in the bathroom as you gave Liam and Shaylee a bath. They splashed around at you and NI as you rinsed the shampoo out of Shaylee's hair. Niall rinsed out Liam's and minutes later they finished their baths. The two stood up and you quickly grabbed their towels and wrapped them in them. "Mummy, Shaylee's gotta tummy!" Liam squealed poking his sisters stomach. "No!" Shaylee retorted. She smacked Liam's and away and crossed her arms. "Shaylee, there is nothing wrong with a tummy. Mummy and Daddy both have one. See?" You say showing what you have left of the baby weight you haven't lost from your pregnancy with Shay, three years ago. Niall lifted his shirt too and showcases the very tiny and barely noticeable beer belly. Liam and Shaylee giggled at the sight of your tummy and Shaylee even revealed hers. "ya'know Shay, I love your tummy." Niall told her. "Weally?" Niall nodded. "Because then I can do this!" He said before grabbing Shaylee and blowing raspberry's onto her exposed stomach. She squealed and you grabbed Liam, doing the same with him.
Harry: Getting ready for bed, you noticed Harry staring at himself in the mirror in the bathroom. "Hey babe?" He yelled to you. "If it is about getting another tattoo, you already know my answer." You called back. You heard him mutter and walk out. "No, that's not what I was going to say. But, thanks fro reminding me." He said pulling off his jeans. "What was it then?" you asked pulling on a t-shirt. He grumbles and lets out a sigh. "Do I have a tummy?" He asked. You looked up not really getting his questioned. "A tummy? As in chub?" He nodded and you shook your head. "Haz, what in the world has you thinking you have a tummy? You have abs below that wonderful butterfly." You pointed out using a bit of sarcasm at the very end. He rolled his eyes."But seriously!" He groaned. You shook your head. "Seriously Harry, you do not have a tummy. What made you ask?" You asked again. He mumbled making it hard for you to hear. "What was that?" You asked. "The fans were talking about me having a bit of a chubby tummy." He sighed. You pouted and walked over to him. "Harry Edward, do not, for one second think that you need to change because of what some stupid teenagers think. You have your own morals and beliefs, you do not need to run your life on the opinion of your fans.You should only care about what you think. That's all." You stated. Harry nodded and pulled you closer. "Thank you."he whispered.
Zayn: You toyed with the extra fat on your stomach as you stared into the bathroom mirror. Stupid tummy. If it wasn't there, you would look so much better. "Babe?" You heard from down the hall. You ignored him and continued to poke and prod at your stomach. "Boo? What are you doing?" he asked standing at the door frame. You frowned, "Zayn, do you think I need to lose weight?" You asked. Zayn sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Y/N, You are perfect just the way you are." He explained. You shook your head. "Not with this ugly slab of fat." You pout. Zayn groaned and walked closer to you. "Don't call your tummy an ugly slab of fat. I happen to love your stomach." He explained. You turned to face him and he smiled. "When I first saw you, I was like 'Wow, look at her. She's gorgeous. And she has such a cute tummy'." He smiled. You giggled and pulled him into a hug. "But seriously, Your tummy is amazing. It's a great pillow, it is great to trace with and it makes a good drum when we have our sleepy rock out sessions in bed." He laughed. "I love you." You grinned up at him. He kissed your nose. "I love you, too" He then bent down and place a kiss on you stomach. "And I love this too."
Having Louis tummy feels so badly tonight!~AlliXx
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